Ardery Street Masonic Hall

Ardery Street Masonic Hall

The Hall was reconsecrated in May 2011, almost 50 years from the date of purchase of the Hall by Lodge Western No 1346. It had been used for various other purposes before this including use by the Scottish Episcopal Church.
In September 1980 Lodge St John Whiteinch No 683 moved to Ardery Street after its Masonic Temple in Fore Street, Scotstoun was destroyed by fire. Several years later it became a joint owner of the premises with Lodge Western.
Over the years a number of Lodges and other Masonic Orders have held their Meetings there – Lodges Thistle and Rose No 73, St Vincent Sandyford No 553, Speirs of Elderslie No 1102(now dormant), Kelvin Partick No 1207, Galen No 1285.
The fire which happened in early weeks of 2009 destroyed Lodge records and paraphanalia. Some items were undamaged and others were able to be restored. Fortunately not all Lodge Charters were lost. However such was the extent of the damage that major reconstruction and refurbishment was required. Within days Brethren met and plans were drawn up for Ardery Street to be put back into a place suitable for Masonic purposes. It was envisaged that building insurance cover would be sufficient to carry out this work. Certain Brethren who shall remain unnamed must be given much of the credit for seeing the restoration project through to successful conclusion. Planning permission was not necessary as the hall would be reconstructed to basically the same design.
After the fire in January 2009, 4 of the Lodges were accommodated in Partick St Mary’s Lodge premises at 92 Dumbarton Road, Partick. The immediate response of this Lodge was greatly appreciated by its new tenants.
During these difficult days offers of various forms of assistance were made by other Lodges. For example the splendid oak furniture now in use for Lodge Meetings was made available on long term loan by The Union and Crown Lodge No 103. Lodge St John Whiteinch was gifted a magnificent Volume of the Sacred Law by St Lawrence Lodge No 6142(EC).
Structural problems and other associated issues related to the Hall prior to the fire have now been eliminated and Meetings are held in bright and comfortable conditions. Although not all Lodges or Orders have returned to Ardery Street for different reasons, a number have.
The fire may have wiped out items of historical value but out of it there has been much good – better accommodation, closer bonds of friendship between Lodges. It has also highlighted the importance of addressing the safety and security of Lodge records.



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