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It has been designed to tell you about Freemasonry and in particular, Freemasonry in Glasgow. In addition to providing information about what we do and where and when we meet, we have tried to be as open as possible and to dispel some of the myths and folklore which surround Freemasonry. We do have special ways of recognising each other, we do have members' only meetings and like many other organisations, some activities are confidential to our members. The abiding principles of the order are friendship, charity and honesty and all members endeavour to live by these principles. We raise money for local, national and international charities, exclusively from within our membership.

Friends and Brethren I would like to welcome you all to the website of Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow.

I became the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow in 2014, This is the greatest honour that any Freemason can have bestowed upon him, First let me say a big thank you to the brethren of the province of Glasgow for affording me the honour and privilege of serving as RWPGM for the ensuing 5 years, and they can rest assured of my full commitment in the coming term. On the day of my installation, i had the honour of being installed by the Grand Master Mason of Scotland Bro Charles Iain Robert Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont., and was delighted in the way he handled the business of the day and all the brethren who attended were treated to an excellent installation ceremony indeed. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members and visiting brethren who made my installation very special indeed and i hope to carry on the good work that has gone before me with the help from my newly elected team of office bearers and I take this opportunity of extending an invitation to Lodge Members, and visitors alike to come along and support the Lodge, and you can be assured you will receive a very warm welcome indeed.

This website is designed to provide information about the Lodge and a short history has been compiled , which we hope you find informative. Our Regular Meetings are also listed and I look forward to welcoming any Brother who may wish to visit our Lodge at any future time. We have ambitious plans to add more content about our Lodge and freemasonry in general. Please take the time if you can to revisit this website as it will be updated regularly. So please take your time looking through our site and enjoy.

Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. James Campbell Peddie

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