It wasn’t the normal venue for Brethren of Lodge The Prince’s but 20 in number gathered at 6.07 pm on Friday 15th June 2018 within the famous Glasgow Bar, The Rhoderick Dhu, Waterloo Street.


This was the idea of RWM Iain T. Gordon primarily as a team-building event for the Lodge where new members would have an opportunity to meet the ‘old school’ in an informal gathering.


The Lodge has seen a welcome resurgence in recent years with a steady flow of candidates eager to join. The appetite for the evening was running as hot as a vindaloo curry as the Brethren strolled around to the excellent Bombay Blues Indian Restaurant in Hope Street not before they were ‘charged’ an entrance fee of £5 per head. This collection and donations from two other Brethren who were unable to attend, amounted to £110 and was sent to the PGM of the PGL of Glasgow, not to ‘curry favour,’ but to allow him to donate the money to a Charity of his choosing.


A superb evening was had by all in fact it was that busy with the Prince’s Brethren there was hardly enough room to swing a Nan Bread.


Sincere thanks to the excellent staff at the Bombay Blues for looking after our every need and treating us like – well, Princes.



The Photograph shows RWM Iain T. Gordon and the Brethren from Lodge The Prince’s suitably fed and watered.

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