Grand Secretary submitted a Report based upon replies to the following queries addressed by order of Grand Committee to the Home Lodges:- "Does your lodge meet in premises licensed for the sale of excisable liquors? Could premises other than licensed be obtained without serious difficulty? What fees are charged for initiation?

After discussion, the following Resolution moved by Brother Caldwell and seconded by Brrother David Hume, was unanimously adopted:- "Grand Committee having taken into consideration the answers received relative to the number of lodges that meet in licensed premises, while not disposed to lay down a hard and fast line on the subject, recommend to Grand Lodge to enjoin all lodges to take the earliest opportunity for meeting elsewhere, - and instruct Provincial Grand Masters to report annually to Grand Lodge the changes in unison with such injunction that have been made in their respective districts during the preceding year."

Research From Brother Alistair Henderson IPPGM

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