The new intrants meeting was held on Sunday 25th February 2018 in the premises of Lodge Alexandra 1282 15 Wood Street, Dennistoun, Glasgow G31, an excellent turnout of new intrants were welcomed to the event by SPGM Bro. Alan Cuthill, who explained that the reason for this meeting was not only for everyone to get to know each other but to let all the new intrants know that Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow were at hand at any time should they require any help.

We then heard from a new intrant from Partick St Marys Lodge 117 Bro. Scott Small who told us that as a former ex military man he found freemasonry for him gave him the same sense of belonging and the same structure and more importantly the same values that the military had instilled in him and he hoped he could continue to cultivate those values.

Next on the agenda was DPGM Bro. Andrew Mushet who congratulated all the new intrants in joining a lodge in the largest province in the Scottish constitution, he then went on to explain about some of the traditions and etiquette of freemasonry and how we have some slight variations in our constitution from others, he then went on tell how social media is a good way of communicating for Lodges both exporting information and importing and  giving a slight warning on how we as freemasons should be on our guard when using social media of any kind and asked all in attendance to have a read of the new social media guidelines designed to make sure freemasons don't fall into any of the pitfalls that social media can present to us.

Next up another new entrant in the guise of Bro. Derek Purdie a member of Lodge Galen 1285 who also told us of how freemasonry gave him that same sense of belonging as his counterpart explained earlier but he also emphasised that feeling of friendship and brotherhood that he gets from being a member.

Our next speaker was a very eminent one indeed Bro. Angus MacInnes former Substitute Grand Master Mason and publisher of The Ashlar magazine who posed many questions to our new members and asked them to remember that they are the ones responsible to carry our great fraternity forward, always keeping in mind the 3 great principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Then we had Brother William Bell PM, Past Grand Senior Warden, Member of Lodge Cadder Freestone 1584 who regaled the assembled brethren of his personal journey within freemasonry.

Finally we had PGM Bro. James Peddie telling the audience about the new structure that has been proposed for Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow and the importance that the new recruits are to the craft, he also emphasised about how freemasonry builds confidence in its brothers that can be used in their everyday lives such as speaking in public.

A short question and answer session then ensued and finally Bro. Alan Cuthill thanked all the participants for the service they gave today and thanked the new intrants for coming along and hoped they had a long and successful career in freemasonry , the meeting was then closed with a thanks to the chair.


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