The next phase of the refurbishment of the museum and Library is being planned. A specification of works has been drawn up and we are now seeking any suitable qualified brethren to contact us to let us have an estimate of costs for the works concerned. We would prefer that one person or company be in a position to carry out all the works rather than just some of the works specified.

As we are keen to progress matters we would like to have all quotations available for consideration by the end of February.

The works specifies are:

  • Back door area: Back fire door serviced to ensure fully functional.
  • Wall next to back door plastered.
  • Blind at back window replaced.
  • All surfaces prepared and painted as required.
  • Laminate or similar floor surfaces to replace linoleum.
  • Outside basement area and steps to be power washed.
  • Museum: All surfaces prepared and painted. New blind at window.
  • Door installed to form cupboard from existing alcove.
  • Door slapped through to Library area.
  • Asses door lock to ensure easy fire escape from inside.
  • Display cabinets to be prepared and varnished.
  • Downstairs corridor/ stairwell: Walls and surfaces including cupboard to be prepared and painted.
  • Front fire door to be serviced to ensure full functioning.
  • Outside front: Basement area and steps to be power washed. Gate to be serviced to ensure fully functional.
  • Gates / railings painted Installation of smoke alarms as required

Any brother who is interested in carrying out a visual inspection and giving a quotation should contact the office to arrange access.

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