Brethren I would like to take this opportunity to first of all to apologise for my lack of attendance at meetings across the province recently , this is due to the fact I am still struggling with my hip, although I am supposed to go into the Royal on the 27th of this month, here’s hoping that fixes the problem but its not all bad news as I am sending this email sitting in a pub in Corfu waiting on Liverpool game to start, pint of Mythos in hand and its  absolutely roasting outside so I am still keeping in touch but I do hope to be back out and about once I am discharged from the hospital but can I just remind everyone that if you have any queries or problems to contact the office or your rep and they will help in any way they can. I hope everyone is having a very restful recess (although I do know a few meetings are going on through this period and I wish these lodges every success) and also I hope everyone has a very good holiday whenever you may take it.

It wont be to long before we are all back into the swing of things again, so I hope we all have a very good return to business and it wont be to long before I see you all out and about once more.

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