Senior Provincial Grand Warden is the highest elected office that can be held in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow as the Provincial Grand Master, his Depute, Substitutes and Secretary are all commissioned rather then elected.

The following Brethren are Past Senior Provincial Grand Wardens


Irving Waxman, P.M. 1600

William S. Riddick, P.M. 1258

Alistair H. Grant, P.M. 570

Cameron A. Gibson, P.M. 1505

Donald J. RIddell, P.M. 556

R. Allan McIntosh, P.M. 1590

William S. Sommerville, P.M. 1258

Roderick A. Morrison, P.M. 1005

Gavin Sorbie, P.M. 570

Robert G. Neilson, P.M. 510

John F. Laing, P.M. 419

Hamish MacLachlan, P.M. 609

Allan Jenkins, P.M. 1341

Allan Taylor, P.M. 1595

Douglas E. Stewart, P.M. 73

Richard M. Jackson, P.M. 1330

John P. Small, P.M. 1584

William Bell, P.M. 1584

William McAdam, P.M. 1552

John Lamont, P.M. 360

Stephen Urie, P.M. 333