Brother John Monteith, a Past Master of Lodge Toryglen, No. 1561, contracted a disability called Guillane Barre Syndrome after he suffered food poisoning in 2010, which left him paralysed from the neck down. After years of rehabilitation he can now partially walk with the aid of a mobility Rollator. 

Over the last number of years John has worked extensively, and raised over £47,000 for charities. In particular he has raised £17,000 for the Physical Disability Rehabilitation Unit at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. 


On Friday 22 March 2019, John organised a Charity Sportsman's Dinner at Lodge Toryglen No. 1561, where Past Masters Bobby Shaw and Iain Gordon, from The Bridgeton and Glasgow, Shamrock and Thistle Lodge No 275, and Lodge The Prince's No 607 were the guest speakers. The sum of £3,000 was raised for charity.

On Friday 29 March 2019,  John Monteith and Bobby Shaw  presented a cheque for over £3,000 to the PDRU, at the Queen Elizabeth hospital.


John, who is still a frequent visitor to many Glasgow Lodges, is a personal " Inspiration " to all of us in Freemasonry.


Photographs and article provided by Brother Bobby Shaw, P.M.