On Wednesday 23rd September 2020, the Provincial Grand Master, Brother Andrew Mushet, presented a cheque for £500 to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. Michelle Jeffcot (Community Fundraiser) received the cheque on their behalf.


The Depute Provincial Grand Master, Brother Alan Cuthill, and Brother John Patrick, PM Lodge Ballater No.1432, were also in attendance.

RAF Group

Brother John Patrick has been doing his 50th birthday fundraising for a full month from 16th August until 16th September. He has been doing 50 repititions of an exercise that was nominated by someone that made a donation to his Just Giving page. This could be 50 press-ups to 50 star jumps whatever the nominated challenge, John carried this out.

RAF john patrick

Up until today, John has raised over £1500 on his Just Giving page with the donation of £500 from the Provincial Grand Lodge taking his total to over £2000.

Well done John from all at the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow.

john patrick exercise

In this picture John was nominated to do 50 star jumps holding two bottles of Malt, as you can see he is holding 2 minatures.


Social distancing was adhered to at all times.