As the Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow it would be a dereliction of my duty not to reflect Pastorally on our ongoing situation at this dreadful time, I therefore intend to have a weekly bulletin from our PGL Chaplain which I commend for your perusal.
Andrew Mushet
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow 

Brethren, we find ourselves in very uncertain times and what is for many their social lives and network for emotional and often spiritual support has been removed.  Many of us are also facing isolation and financial difficulties.  Remember the tenets of our order – in the good times we have been prepared for the difficult times we now face.  We all know our Lodge Almoners  and the hard work that these tireless Office-bearers have done on our behalf over the years; it now falls on us all to be mini-Almoners to our Brethren. Use the means we have to keep in touch.  Some of us are more multimedia savvy than others and we can skype, text, tweet or engage through mediums such as Facebook to support one another but Brethren, don’t discount the old ways either, there’s still the phone or the letter.  When I was a soldier serving overseas, I can still remember that nothing cheered you up like a letter.  Keep an eye on each other and remember that when we see someone struggling emotionally, we can be there for them; if we see someone struggling financially we have a Benevolent Fund.  Brethren I urge you to watch out for each other and steer your comrades through this choppy water of life until we once again meet and greet each other in our Lodge rooms.


Brother, Rev. Robert Craig, 

Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow


Let Glasgow Freemasonry Flourish