Brethren ,

After the first issue of ' Flourishing Thoughts ' last week from our Provincial Grand Chaplain and its well merited approbation from the Brethren, I'm delighted to present to you this week's edition. 

Brother Andrew Mushet
Provincial Grand Master


Brethren, as this crisis takes hold and it’s tentacles reach further into new areas of our lives I would urge you all to take time to reflect on those around us.  This week I learned of the death of a dear friend in the craft and the sadness of that news was immediately tempered with despairing news from my day job regarding funerals.  The registration of deaths is suspended until a more remote system can be put in place and there is now restriction on location for funerals and numbers attending.  This means that family and friends (in some cases our family and friends) cannot grieve properly.  If nothing else freemasonry in general and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow in particular is a network; a network that allows us to be there for one another and to offer support.  I’ve urged you all to reflect and I do so again.  As masons we’re on a road to enlightenment and surely we can find a way to shed that light into the lives of those in need.  My own ministry is currently conducted through daily video reflections in the Hillington Park Parish Church Facebook page and down the phone lines.  So when you think of those you love and care for ask yourself this – “how can I effectively be balm to their suffering?”  This is both compassionate and masonic.  Brethren run with the torch and turn your charitable endeavours away from fund raising towards raising the spirits and supporting those in our community.

Fraternal Blessings
Rev Robert Craig
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow.