To say I am proud of the members of the Lodges, within our superb Province and indeed the wider Masonic family is an understatement. I am especially appreciative of all within Glasgow who have rallied around each other over these past weeks, as this sinister virus has spread its way either directly, or indirectly, into everyone's daily lives. Brethren, with our actions we are witnessing true brotherly love.

It now gives me pleasure to present the third 'Flourishing Thoughts' from our Provincial Grand Chaplain
which I trust you will find uplifting in these trying times.

Andrew Mushet

Provincial Grand Master



Brethren, another week and COVID-19 still dominates our lives. It may be easy to reflect on what came before with fond recollection and wish that those days were back. Days in the Lodge room surrounded by dear friends; days in which normality and busyness still dominated our lives. Some of us may still be very busy – I know that many Lodge Office- bearers will still be conducting their duties to establish a path of continuity for the Lodge. I’m glad to say that I also know personally that others are striving to find ways to help and support our communities; Brethren , this is Freemasonry at its best. It is good to dwell on the good days of the past and to draw strength from the happy memories that this brings. It’s also good and encouraging to hear from Brethren who refuse to live in the past and look towards a glorious and optimistic future. It’s not a case of 'we’ll be back' for in truth we never went away. Few organisations have the structure and the reach we enjoy in Freemasonry, a reach that extends beyond our Brethren and into their families and the communities they’ve supported in the past. I urge you to use this time wisely to support each other, to contemplate where the future will take the Craft but more importantly to reflect on the role you will have in the way forward.

Fraternal Blessings,

Brother Rev. Robert Craig,
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow.