I trust, if you are reading this, you are keeping well and looking after your loved ones during this dreadful Pandemic.

Family and friends are so important to us, especially now, and to any Brother who may be alone do remember, as our PGL Almoner alluded to recently, your fellow Brethren are there for you. If you are feeling despondent please don't hesitate in contacting another member of the Craft who will undoubtedly offer comfort and assistance.

Recently some Lodges have lost good Brethren to the awful Covid 19 virus, I and my Commission send our heartfelt condolences to the families and to the members of the Lodges concerned.

Brethren, as we are about to enter or have entered occasions of holy reverence encompassing different faiths within Freemasonry there is no better time to take a moment to reflect on what your 'Faith ' means to you.

I now happily present to you the PGL of Glasgow's 4th edition of,


Andrew Mushet

Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow


Dear Brethren,

I post a daily video on my church’s Facebook page to encourage and support my congregation in this time of difficulty and trial – today I recorded my 30th.  This means that I’ve basically compressed six months of reflections and talks into one.  At this rate I worry that I’ll run out of fresh ideas before I retire in 11 years.  This situation we’re living through has changed our patterns of everything; at the moment nothing’s as it was six weeks ago; some things may never be the same again.  As the Freemasons of Glasgow “how ready are we for this?”  I’m sure you’ve all settled down to routine’s and practices aimed at keeping yourselves both healthy and sane; I’m sure many of you are trying to keep the plates spinning to sustain duties and commitments of the past – how much are we looking to the future?  In the church there’s been discussion about where we are now; some say this is the greatest set of challenges since the Reformation over 400 years ago.  Some say society will never be the same again.  So again “how ready are we for this?”  I’ve always found my brothers in Freemasonry to be amongst the most caring, reflective and socially concerned in society and in these times, with so much time on our hands I have to believe that many of you are reflecting on what comes next and how it’s going to come.  My thought for all you for this week is simply this – “are we ready for what comes next?”  I suppose I’m challenging you all to be ready for a society of post-virus reconstruction and to be ready, willing and able for the role of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow within that.

Fraternal Blessings,

Rev. Robert Craig,
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow