Please find herewith another inspirational text from our Provincial Grand Chaplain which I trust you will find uplifting.

A word used within Brother Rev. Craig's content ' defeat ' , in the sense of us collectively eradicating it presently from our vocabulary by our actions, made me think of another word ,  'victory'. 
Brethren, we will eventually triumph over our present affliction, yes , it is a huge challenge health wise and economically, however,  we will overcome our present danger be in no doubt about it. Our spirit is strong, just as our modern day hero,  Captain Tom Moore, a Veteran of WW2  has proved at the wonderful age of 99.

Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow


Brethren, how are you bearing up?  The longer this situation goes on the more I’m surprised by the dedication and ingenuity of brethren and the more this happens happily the less I’m surprised.  I’ve had a first this week myself in being asked to deliver a lecture to brethren online through Zoom.  Who’d have thought of this two months ago?  It’s actually indicative of what you see across the craft and in society; people finding new ways to engage with one another when the previous channels are no longer open.  I remember when I worked in industry nothing used to irk me more than the guy who came into my office with a problem and his excuses for why it wouldn’t go away – this is the language and action of defeatism.  Show me the guy who sees a difficulty as a solution opportunity and works around the difficulty and I have hope.  Brethren that’s what you all give me – hope.  This isn’t an end; it’s not even a new beginning.  What it is is Freemasonry doing what it does best.  Raising brethren from darkness to light; instilling hope where before there was despair.  When we find new ways of meeting, new ways of engaging and new ways of being a positive force in our communities we erase the word defeat from our collective vocabularies.  This COVID-19 isn’t going away quickly so we need to be in it for the long haul and we are getting there step by step and hand in hand.  Brethren I thank you for inspiring me through all the work and charitable endeavors in which you continuously, endlessly and generously participate.  You make me proud to say “I’m a Glasgow Freemason” and you make the path ahead clear.

Fraternal Blessings, 
Brother Rev. Robert Craig, 
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow