I am delighted to forward to you our Provincial Grand Chaplain's latest 'Flourishing Thoughts' , a reflective read, I'm sure you will agree, in our present situation.

Andrew Mushet 

Provincial Grand Master 


I’m preparing my service for this Sunday which in the Christian calendar is the 3rd Sunday in Easter.  The story I’m looking at is the story of the road to Emmaus and it’s really got me thinking about where we all are.  The two disciples have lost sight of Jesus in their lives and it’s on the road that Jesus gives them back that vision.  At the end of the passage all the disciples are together again and we see their hearts burning with a passion for that same vision.  I don’t use this as a religious message as I realise that there are many brethren out there who hold the tenets of other faiths as the place where they put their trust; I simply offer it as a metaphor for “together”.  You see we’re not Freemasons on our own; we leave ‘alone’ behind us when we enter the lodge room as a candidate for the first time.  A conductor guides us and supports us through our initial foray into the craft and then in time many of us will have become that conductor ourselves.  In freemasonry the vision of raising ourselves from spiritual darkness towards the light, the fraternal support of our brethren, our faith in the God of our own understanding and a genuine heartfelt desire for a better world is both the vision and means to make that better world a reality.  As masons that vision should be burning in our hearts and especially in this time of trial and fear that vision should be our strength.  Brethren, these are challenging times but be very clear, each of us is adequately equipped to see this through.  If in doubt or troubled by any uncertainty in these difficult times phone a brother because like you they share this vision and they are committed to help. This is our together! This is our certainty!

Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig,
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow