As we approach the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, we recollect that out of the darkness that enveloped the world at that time, our predecessors rose to the challenge that faced them and took strength in the certain light of victory. Now is the time to prepare ourselves for the challenges that lie ahead after this awful pandemic , let us look to our Provincial Grand Chaplain for Pastoral guidance.

Herewith the 7th Flourishing Thoughts for your edification.

Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow.

The summer is fast approaching and if you’re anything like me your thoughts will be turning towards holidays.  In previous years around this time thoughts would be on the mental countdown to getting away from work, what to do over the recess and being somewhere different and relaxing for a couple of weeks.  Instead this year I’m beginning to realise that my holiday is slipping between my fingers and my attention is very firmly fixed on how much money I’m going to lose in the process; I’m sure many of you will be able to empathise with these thoughts.  Then I think about my time as Grand Chaplain and how there was no recess – things just seemed to keep on going right through the summer, it was a very busy time.  Maybe I’m looking at this all the wrong way? This COVID-19 situation isn’t ideal but it does present us with an opportunity to relax and recharge.  In the church we talk about Sabbath and depending on your faith the day that lands on varies; what Sabbath is really about isn’t a set day for organized worship, although that is important – it’s a time that God wants us to set aside to renew and recharge ourselves.  The sun’s out and the world has almost ground to a halt – can you find a Sabbath in these times?  Maybe it’s the garden, a book, a boxed set or turning the lawn into a putting green, that’s for you to decide.  I’ve spoken before about the things we can do for each other, now I want us to think about how we can be generous to ourselves because that’s important too.  If we don’t learn to love ourselves and be kind to ourselves it isn’t long before we’re no use to anyone at all.  Lockdown is about six weeks old now and it’s getting harder.  If we’re in this for the long haul; if we’re determined to come the other end better and stronger than we went in then we really do need to love ourselves generously.  The balls in your court brethren – what next?

Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig,
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow.