As we watch on television, the joyous celebrations that took place 75 years ago to mark VE Day, let's take heart from those wonderful scenes and from our Provincial Grand Chaplain's Flourishing Thoughts this week. Let us look forward to a brighter time ahead when we will be celebrating the defeat of this dreadful pandemic and getting back to working our 'Craft' within our Masonic Temples and beyond.

Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow

When lockdown started I thought, “I need a routine”, that’ll sort me out, it’ll bring order and structure, it’ll fill my days and keep me going.  Maybe you’ve had similar thoughts.  Now I’m questioning the wisdom of that because life is getting predictable and old; I’ve seen the movie “Groundhog Day” but I really never thought living it could be so drawn out and painful.  Do you remember that old saying “variety’s the spice of life”? – maybe now it’s a bit of that we need.  I think the variety we need is something new, something fun, something that we can get our teeth into and really look forward to.  You with me brethren?  I’ve spoken to the PGM about a thanksgiving/ memorial service after this and it’s good that the Province takes the lead on such an endeavor but what might the lodges and brethren do?  I say make it fun; maybe in collaboration with other lodges but let’s have a social.  Organize a buffet, a harmony, some entertainment, do we bring partners?  It’s all up for grabs.  By the time this is over we’ll all have been in isolation for weeks, maybe months.  I’m missing my masonic pals as I’m sure all of you are; we’ve phoned. Tweeted, zoomed, skyped, written and posted and that certainly has its place but do you not miss your pie, beans and Irn Bru across from your pals, sharing a laugh and being uplifted by each others company?  Let’s do that again brethren and let’s do it as soon as the restrictions are lifted.  Let’s prepare in isolation for the joy and happiness of freedom when normality returns.  All that remains is for YOU to decide what your event will be and who you might invite.  Maybe the padre?  Whatever you decide I certainly look forward to meeting you all again in happier times when we once more get to share a smile and our joy.

Fraternal Blessings, 
Brother Rev. Robert Craig, 
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow