Please find herewith the 10th edition of Flourishing Thoughts from our Provincial Grand Chaplain for your consideration and instruction. Brethren, isn't it amazing how the days have come and gone and we are now into double figures of weeks during lockdown, an unreal situation for sure. However Brethren, there is light ahead and we must concentrate on reaching the end of the tunnel. Take courage from Brother Rev. Craig's text.

Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow

' Hallaw ther brethren, how’s it gaw’n '
I’m just trying to work out if we’re in recess yet?  Not that it makes much difference this year with everything that’s going on.  I’m hoping that something akin to normal will be with us come September.  I had a surgery a couple of years ago that made getting around a wee bit difficult for a while and there were some things I never quite got back to the way I had before.  As a result of this at the beginning of 2020 I had a push on as things to regain a semblance of normal as things had really improved but before I’d picked up any steam along came COVID-19 and it was back to the drawing board as they say.  Once normal returns, or a new normal if that’s how it’s to be, I know I need to hit the ground running.  I think it’s easy to lose momentum for things and then to lose the things altogether.  I just need to look at a shed full of walking boots, bikes sprinkled with the odd unfinished DIY project and you should be getting to know where I am.  What I’m trying to say is not only that we shouldn’t lose heart but at some level we should be preparing – getting ready.  Do you remember the feeling as you sat outside a lodge room for the first time trying to prepare yourself for the unknown that lay ahead?  We’ve all had to prepare ourselves before and we can do so again.  Use the recess to get your state of mind right, use it to give thanks to your God for the blessings handed to you.  Be ready to step up and breath a new life into our craft and our communities and let people know that the man they admire so much for all he brings to the table is amongst many other things, a freemason.

Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig,
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow.