I do hope you are enjoying this fabulous spell of weather we are encountering,  it certainly puts a smile on everybody's face. As our disposition becomes cheerier, little by little as the lockdown recedes, the closer we are inching towards being in each other's company once again within our hallowed Temples. Our Provincial Grand Chaplain is guiding us week by week towards that light.

Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow.


Greetings Brethren,
I’m hoping that this greeting comes across as a little more upbeat than the last.  Things are beginning to change – Boris and Nicola are both telling us this and if those two can agree there’s got to be something in it.  The world seems brighter and you can dare, just a wee bit, to see the embers of hope smouldering just a little more intensely – you with me?  Of course you are because we’ve been waiting for this day for weeks, we’ve prayed for it, hoped for it and talked about it – the beginning of normality.  Can you recall normal? An ice cream with children or grandchildren at the seaside, a pint with a pal in the pub, lunch with the wife in a restaurant, coffee in a café with a colleague?  It’s all coming back; creeping at first but creeping in the right direction nevertheless.  So where does that leave our order, our friends, our light in the darkness?  There’s lots for us to do, this isn’t a small thing, this is a social reconstruction akin to FDR’s New Deal.  That’s a huge gauntlet that’s lying before us so can we pick it up; will we pick it up?  I’ve come to know the mettle of all of you from the meetings we attend together and I’m more than hopeful – I’m excited now.  I’m excited about what will come next because I know you’re all going to surprise me.  I’ve come to rely on freemasonry in life, it’s helped me through dark times and it’s laughed with me in the good times and I know you’ll all have similar feelings and experiences.  So are you excited?  Are you ready?  Are you, like me anticipating the next chapter in our craft and wondering in joyful expectation where we’re going to go?  Anyway, let’s reign it in and calm down a wee bit – we’re not there yet but we’re getting there.  See you all again somewhere soon.  I for one can’t wait.

Fraternal Blessings
Brother Rev. Robert Craig,
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow.