Glasgow's Provincial Grand Chaplain, as always,  guides us in so many subtle ways, for instance, a simple noun mentioned in this week's text ' connectedness '  illuminates what we should appreciate in today's darkness. A feeling of belonging to a particular group. Brethren, we belong to a wonderful organisation ' The Craft ' 
It lights our path.

Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow

Dear Brethren, I hope this finds you well.

Like you all I’ve a wee bit too much time to think these days.  One of the things I’ve been dwelling on recently is ritual.  Obviously in masonic circles ritual is important but it’s also important in my day job.  While I was at the University of Glasgow I studied a course in my second year called “Worship, Ritual and Belief”, and this gave me an awareness of how deeply these three are connected.  You see the ritual we work on and around the chequered pavements of our lodge rooms is not a stand alone thing; it shouldn’t be something we work, pack away and forget but something that’s always with us.  At the heart of this is the idea of connectedness, that what we believe should impact directly on what we say and do as well as how we act.  Does that not bring far deeper implications to bear on us from our floorwork?  Freemasonry is allegorically and practically about walking from darkness towards light – about change within ourselves impacting on the world around us and making that world a better place.  That’s a big responsibility we carry, and we all carry it.  The world is going to change, we can’t escape that, through COVID-19 something fundamental has shifted in this world.  On his web address our own PGM Brother Andrew Mushet stated " there is a brightness ahead”, and I truly believe that to be the case so now we need to consider how we fit into that brightness; how it’s going to shape our actions.  Our ritual has already moulded a response within us, all we need do now is pick up the baton and run the race.

Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig, 
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow