Brethren ,

Here we are at the Glasgow Fair weekend, I'm sure many of you will recollect the halcyon days of sailing ' Doon the Watter ' and the all the fun that entailed. However, as our Provincial Grand Chaplain mentions in this week's Flourishing Thoughts the world keeps changing and those days are a distant memory but not forgotten. Brethren, cherish the positives of those days, the closeness of our families, friends and communities and listen to what our Chaplain is saying.

Brother Andrew Mushet,

Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow



Greetings Brethren,

I’m thinking about where we go from here.  Will we even remember what normal was by the time we get back? I’m sure that like me you’ve encountered a new normal in the volume of things that are online masonically speaking these days.  Church Ministers the length and breadth of Scotland, and I’m sure further afield too, are wrestling with how much of this new online stuff they’re going to keep post-pandemic.  Some has been both useful and helpful, other things have died a death.  We live in a dynamic world, a world that’s always changing and we as both people and as Masons need to change with it.  So my challenge here is this:  if you’re preparing to cast the new stuff aside when this is over please don’t.  I’m not just talking about the online stuff here but all the new ways we’ve engaged in the days of Covid-19 because through them we’ve been a blessing and a balm to families, Brethren  and our communities; that’s right YOU’ve been a blessing and a balm.  How does that feel?  Pretty good I hope because you all deserve a pat on the back.  Anyway,  to get back on track, don’t cast anything aside without at least a wee look at the good you’ve done.  Maybe some of our pandemic stuff is just good enough to continue with?  Maybe there’s still lot’s of good work for us to continue with and maybe the groundwork was done in the pandemic.  I’ll leave it with you Brethren , Keep safe and keep well!!!

Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig,
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow