I encourage you to pause and reflect on the words that our Provincial Grand Chaplain imparts to us in this edition of Flourishing Thoughts. I'm sure many of you will take solace from our Chaplain's latest communication.
Please continue to keep safe as we enter a new phase in tackling the present pandemic.

Andrew Mushet,

Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow

Greetings Brethren,

This week I’m wondering about what the future holds.  The one thing we can be sure of during the pandemic is that the wheels of the world have kept turning despite it all.  Some of us are facing change on challenging, and often, monumental levels.  It may be you’ve lost a loved one or a dear friend to COVID-19; perhaps the casualty in all of this has been your job – maybe the changes have been a wee bit removed from your situation yet like ripples on a pond they still touch your life.  However the impact comes we’re still left with the question “how do I go on in light of this?”  Are there things you’ll need to do differently?  Another question we should be asking is “How am I going to change the way I am with others in light of the changes they’ve had to deal with?”  Now I can hear the wheels turning in your head and you’re thinking “There’s Rab over-thinking it again”, but I’m not.  What I’m talking about here is grief and compassion – the things that tear a hole in our lives and the way we deal with that; pastoral care in layman’s terms.  Brethren this pandemic has impacted on us and those around us; there’s no getting away from this, but we can have a degree of control over how we move on.  We’re all men who’ve by our own confession placed our trust in God.  Ask yourself this: “How does God want me to behave; how does He want me to move forward?  Ask this in the quietness of your prayerful dialogue with Him and he’ll answer you with the gift of clarity.  Keep safe!!

Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig,
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow