Brethren ,

Our Chaplain's message this week encourages us to endeavour collectively to simply,
' Let Glasgow Freemasonry Flourish'

However Brethren , it's not just Glasgow Freemasonry we wish to flourish. Together, let's just make     
' Freemasonry Flourish'   I'm certain you will agree.

Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow

Greetings Brethren,

20, can you believe it? – 20 of these reflections.  When the PGM asked me to make this contribution during lockdown I thought “nae bother Andy, this’ll be over in a few weeks”.  How wrong was I?  The easy thing to do with that mindset would have been to shut down for a month; then it’d be okay.  Brethren, that hasn’t been the case – 20 weeks; five months and while the end seems closer it’s still not in sight.  I concede that the younger amongst us can get their hair care products and those of us who are older can get our moisturizer for our baldy napper’s but large areas of our society remain closed.  Many still aren’t working, kids are still off school and many clinics still aren’t taking patients so 20 weeks and still a way to go.  I am however glad to see the Scottish Craft was a wee bit more far sighted than me 20 weeks ago because in our great Province of Glasgow and beyond much has been happening.  Our PGM, his Commission, staff members and many other Brethren have remained active and determined to continue the work during this period.  Meetings have moved from Berkeley Street to the internet and there have been many meetings carrying forward the work of the Province on your behalf.  But it’s not just Provincial that deserves a pat on the back here – during lockdown many Lodges have continued with their activity in their communities and of course many individual Brethren have supported these efforts as well as their own charitable and community endeavours.  Some organisations that have benefited from the efforts of Glasgow Freemasonry include Glasgow's Golden Generation,
SW Glasgow and Drumchapel Foodbanks, the Prince and Princes of Wales Hospice, the Salvation Army Emergency Response Unit, many other Charities and of course the 1000 Mile Walk, to date, has raised over £17,000 for the Hospice. Twenty weeks and so much achieved.  Brethren keep safe and strong and please continue with the massive effort you’ve undertaken in the past and let it grow and be our masonic legacy for the future.  Finally can I give you all a wee pat on the back from me, your Chaplain , as you have all been an inspiration to me throughout these dark days.

Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig,
Provincial Grand Chaplain