I am certain that you will join with me in sending congratulations and wishing our Provincial Grand Chaplain every success as he travels from West to East to take up his new appointment at Breich Valley Church, Stoneyburn, West Lothian.

This month Brother Craig reminds us of the path we take in life, I would ask you Brethren to reflect and take heart as we enter another phase in the battle against Covid 19. Remember, this time will pass, let us in the meantime be vigilant and look after one another.

Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow


Greeting Brethren,

For those of you who are unaware I’m moving to a new parish in West Lothian; I’ll still be chaplain in Glasgow and still attending Lodge Dramatic but the scenery is about to change. In a very real non metaphorical sense I’m going from west to east. A reminder perhaps of the journey we make in life and in the craft. The landscape around us is always changing – new jobs, perhaps new family members or new homes and new places. I suppose as I face a new job in a new place I wonder if this change will change me. We are all shaped by experience, the things that have gone before make us fundamentally the people we are today. When I’m asked if I’d change the bad times in a do-over I honestly have to say NO! We are the product of the journey we’ve made. I think this is what we’re talking about in the craft when we speak of the journey from west to east in search of light. It’s a commentary on life, how some things effect great change within in us and other things we let go. The journey is always there for us but what we do with all the experience and baggage is critical. Do we become better men for having made the journey? I hope so. I hope I will be. The light is the growth within us in response to the ever changing scenery in life. It’s the goal and growth for me as I’m sure it’s the goal and growth for you. By being better people together we can make the world a better place.

Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig,
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow


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