Sometimes we take things that truly matter to us for granted, too many to list here. However, In this edition of Flourishing Thoughts our Provincial Grand Chaplain reminds us of how our ritual and more importantly our understanding of its words can assist us in shaping the way we conduct our lives.

Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow


Greetings once again Brethren,

I’m finding my pace of life has changed a wee bit recently. It feels like I’ve more time to contemplate what’s going on around me and I think that’s a good thing. I was recently inducted to a new church and the service was, compared to other times, quieter. Instead of being the centre of a busy event I found myself able to absorb the words and think about the real meaning behind them – I don’t know if this was the start of a change of pace or just the start of me being aware of it. Anyway, at Lodge Dramatic I’m currently the Junior Deacon trying to learn the ritual for the office of Senior Deacon; both offices I’ve held before so the ritual’s more a refresher than a first time learn. I’m finding here that the meaning of these words too are being absorbed and reflected upon. They’re no longer an end in themselves but are becoming a route map for my path through life. It’s all made me wonder how much we learn things by rote just to get by. Not just in the craft but in all areas of life. For some time now I’ve been a member of a lodge of research, Lodge the Kings Park No 1386, and I’ve enjoyed the lectures and perspectives delivered on an incredible variety of topics, masonic and non-masonic. In the craft we talk about a path to light but what I’m realising and trying to share here is the nature of that light. It shouldn’t be like a torch that flashes over you then darts away; our light should be more like a heat lamp – something to be absorbed – something we sit back and give time to work. This is our path to light, not passive but something we participate in. The next time you’re out there pounding the pavement or staring out the window learning your ritual I urge you to take a moment, to reflect deeply on the words you’re learning and try to discern the difference they can make to you as a man and to the society you live in.

Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig,
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow

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