We enter 2021 in the knowledge that sooner rather than later a large proportion of the population will have been offered a vaccine to assist them in combatting COVID 19. A new dawn arrives in this new year to give us encouragement for the time ahead. One can hardly believe that it's nearly a year since all normal activity, which we invariably took for granted, came to a stuttering halt. Let us learn an old lesson and reflect, never take anything in our lives for granted.

' Ad futura splendidiora'

Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow.

Dear Brethren,
I’d really hoped we’d beaten this COVID thing but here we are back again. When I was a younger more slender man in the army we had a saying that someone would inevitably grumble when you were being messed around – “on the wagon; off the wagon”. At the moment it feels like we’re off the wagon again. It would be easy allow a sense of despondency creep in and take over but we need to drive ourselves to rise above this. My experience of Freemasons is one of people you can go to in a pinch. Be it at the church, the bowling club, the community centre or wherever – people look to us for leadership. Not because we’re masons but more because of the kind of people masons tend to be. Facebook, twitter and all these other mediums that people go to for venting their frustrations are currently full of people crying in their pints and complaining. We might be off the wagon just now but soon we’ll be on it again. We need to keep that in mind for all those who are looking for the comfort of our presence and leadership in our lives – our families, maybe ministers and elders in our church, the local community council places full of people currently struggling. We need to be strong for them. When it is time to revert to something more akin to normality all these people will be needing a punty-up and I know we’ll be there for that but before we get there think on this. Are we going to join in with the moan-fest or are we going to do what masons do – be a balm to their pain and offer succour to their frustration. Brethren, I’m not telling you to do something here; I’m asking you to look within yourselves because the answer to this lies there. Can you see it; can you feel it; will you run with it? Take care and keep safe Brethren.

Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig,
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow

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