No doubt March 2020 is a month and year etched in our collective memories for all time to come. Twelve months ago time metaphorically stood still as far as our usual  Masonic and social activities are concerned. Nevertheless we have, without doubt, been innovative during this episode and many of our Masonic principles have thankfully come to the fore, faith, hope and charity certainly springs to mind. Our Provincial Chaplain this month asks us to prepare for a brighter vista ahead, like you,  I eagerly look forward to its fruition.

Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand  Master of Glasgow

Dear Brethren,
Spring is in the air. Daylight starts that wee bit earlier and today I was out in the garden painting the clothes poles of all things.  My wife Anne brought me out a coffee and I sat on the garden seat while I drank it.  Not that warm that I sat still for long but for a wee while anyway.  What’s the point to all of this?  Well, quite simply change is afoot.  The football season is drawing to a close, the days are getting warmer and longer and most important of all we’re now getting some clues that our year long incarceration may be coming to an end.  I for one hope so.  With it comes reconstruction on a scale we probably haven’t seen since the end of the Second World War.  Sadly it will probably bring just as much change; I say sadly because many things we’ve grown used to won’t be with us.  There will be businesses that haven’t survived, jobs will be lost, in some instances family members and friends are no longer with us.  The future will be a little unclear too – would you risk investment in the climate we face and what about our kids and grandkids; they’ll be paying for all this calamity until they’re the age I am now. It’s easy to get all despondent, but brethren, that’s not our way.  In the Craft we put one foot forward and we persevere.  Our meetings will be open, we’ll see our pals again around the chequered pavement.  We’ll pick things up where we left them – fund-raising, good works, helping, supporting; all that Masonic stuff that weaves through our lives and binds us together.  Get yourselves ready Brethren for it’s coming.  Once more we will be a blessing and a balm to our communities and to each other.  Get ready and take care.
Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig,
Provincial Grand Chaplain of Glasgow