Many of us have suffered the loss of  members of our families, friends and colleagues during this Pandemic and the sad news of the passing to higher service of Brother, HRH The Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh emphasises how none of us are immune to the reality of the passing of the seasons. Brother Reverend Craig asks us this month to be mindful of those less fortunate than ourselves and reach out to those in need. Please remember Brethren, you can make a difference.
Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow
Dear Brethren,
Spring is in the air.  Just look out the window – snow drops, daffs and wild garlic all appearing in the garden. Are you like me here? Smiling in anticipation.  Looking forward to things to come.  It’s way more than just a flash of colour; it’s promise, it’s hope.  What’s coming next? we ask. There’s no getting away from the fact that it’s been a long cold winter which is bad enough but the restrictions since Boxing Day have made it intolerable.  So, it’s especially nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel now.  Sitting in the car last week waiting for my wife returning from the shops I felt the heat through the car window and it lifted my spirits.  I’m sure like this and like me there’s lots of little moments that raise your spirits too.  We need to cling to these – there’s much talk these days about mental health and just how important this is.  I’m realising that this is more true than I’d previously thought.  I speak to loads of folk who are on a low; they haven’t had much quality contact with others or maybe financial matters are bringing them down.  It’s all around us.  Brethren, I urge you to seek cheer where you can find it, to lift your spirits in any way you can and then if you’ve a little sunshine left to spare please share it with others.
Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig