The old adage ' fail to prepare, prepare to fail ' springs to mind this month as we begin to see and hear more positivity emanating from our government on getting back to some sort of normality. Preparation is key to our Masonic activity and each of us has a part to play as Brother Rev. Robert Craig reminds us in this month's Flourishing Thoughts.
Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow
Greetings Brethren,
Change is afoot and I for one am seeing it in my working life.  Now at Zoom meetings we have to ask “is our next meeting online or in person” or when scheduling the next meeting “is anyone away this summer”.  All good and positive stuff; I’ve even started hoarding pound coins again for meetings such is my optimism.  So from one change to another.  Like most everyone else I’m hoping for a return to normal in Freemasonry and I anticipate positive news at the end of the summer.  It’s not like that for everyone.  Some of society and indeed some of our brethren have had a terrible time of isolation so confidence may well have been shaken.  It’s easy to assume that everyone will bounce back from the pandemic with ease; I urge you to think about that a wee bit.  There are many for whom busy rooms and crowds are still a source of fear and for whom habits have been broken and new habits emerged.  It would be both foolish and insensitive to assume that when the starting gun is fired on our masonic life once more it will be a mass start.  Some may struggle to come back and sadly there may be some we just won’t see again.  Hard as that is there is something we can do about this.  Take a leaf from my book and begin to prepare:  make sure you can still get that apron around your waist after 18 months, look over your ritual but don’t just stop at the practical stuff.  Those of you who’ve reached out to Brethren please continue to do so; those who maybe got out of the way of this please start again.  Returning to our craft is more than making sure your suit’s pressed and your shoes are polished.  There’s a social, spiritual and emotional element to this too.  Please Brethren, join with me in making our craft strong once more – reach out to someone in preparation for returning to our lodges.  Stay Safe!!
Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig