August is a month when although summer is slowly ebbing there is still warmth in the air, breathe in the fresh air, observe the wonderful scenery around us, enjoy the company of friends and family. I've said it before, take nothing for granted, we should just be thankful for being here and this month I encourage you to contemplate what Brother Rev. Robert Craig asks of us.
Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow
 Greetings Brethren,
Do you remember that question we were all asked at some point – “where do you put your trust?”  Do you ever reflect on the answer you gave?  Given my line of work it probably comes as no surprise that the answer is something I dwell on a lot.  We live in a world in which we can all be a wee bit predisposed to making ourselves the centre of the everything.  We trust our own judgement sometimes above all else; the flip side of which is that often we believe others to be wrong.  I have a problem with this because through my faith and all I’ve learned along the road towards masonic light I've begun to see something of my own brokenness.  I see my thoughts as you don’t see them and I’ve experienced every action taken in my life first hand and that isn’t always pretty.  I would hope that this moves me towards humility; I’m not completely humble yet but I like to think I’m getting a little closer.  I think this is the reason in life and in freemasonry it’s better to place our trust somewhere else.  To get guidance from one who sees the big picture; the whole picture – one in which everyone benefits.  I don’t think it matters what faith you follow in life it’s this connection to the big picture; the eternal that’s key.  When we try to discern the perspective that takes us out of the equation it’s then and only then that this world becomes a better place for everyone.  Is that not what our craft is about? Improvement, growth and compassion – a world in which all can thrive.  Take care Brethren.
Fraternal Blessings,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig