The season of mellow fruitfulness is upon us and we look forward to our Lodges becoming more active as restrictions ease somewhat. Nevertheless, there is still much caution in the air and that is understandable, no one should feel any kind of pressure to return. Each individual will know when it is right for them. Life is about choices as Rev. Craig reminds us this month. 
Andrew Mushet 
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow 
Greetings Brethren, 
It’s that time of year again when the lush green of the natural environment turns all golden and brown.  The leaves on the trees die off and we’re given a new vista of all that surrounds us.  It’s a new season!  Change is afoot and the question for us must be “what do we do about this?”  You can enjoy this new beauty or you can complain that very soon they’ll be thousands of leaves to sweep up.  I suppose what I’m saying here is that perspective is everything.  For a wee while now the pace of life has been picking up again and maybe like me you’ve began to cherish the time spent with family and you wonder if going back to a fast five nights a week at meetings is a pace you want again?  As meetings begin to come in by email I must confess I’ve had a wee bit of that “thousands of leaves to sweep up” feeling.  Do you know what brethren?  This isn’t an either/ or situation, and if we’re honest it never has been.  In all things in life it’s balance that’s critical; balance at work; balance at play; balance with family and even balance in our masonic activities.  When everything’s in balance life feels good and stress seems over the horizon.  Maybe the old balance of 2019 is no longer the balance for 2021.  If we dive into things for a great height with a resounding splash we may soon be overwhelmed so remember, “softly, softly, catchee monkey”.  In all things take it easy, appreciate what you have and what you’ve gained and look to the future both thoughtfully and reflectively and find your own golden brown season.  Always remember however that your pace and your needs may not be everyone’s so do all of this with a sprinkling of understanding.  Go well brethren and I’m sure we’ll meet up in a lodge room somewhere soon. 
Fraternal Blessings, 
Brother Rev. Robert Craig