Christmas is a most wonderful time of the year and as we approach the day, Brother Rev. Robert Craig in this edition of Flourishing Thoughts, highlights how each of us can make a difference simply by being more considerate, compassionate and loving in our relationships with our fellow human beings. Freemasonry reminds us to celebrate that message not one day but every day of our allotted lifespan.
Brother Andrew Mushet,
Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow
Christmas Greetings Brethren,
Where has all the time gone?  Another year over but at least this time we’re moving.  Do you remember in 2019 when we were told lock down for a few weeks and we’ll have this beat?  Now we’re looking at yet another variant.  This could drag you down if you let it, so let’s not.  I’m working with the schools at the moment on the subject of love and Christmas.  Well, is that not very relevant to us too as ‘brotherly love’ is foundational in our craft.  Let’s think on that a wee bit.  I’ve been looking at Christina Rossetti’s hymn – “Love Came Down at Christmas” and how that’s a theme that changed our world.  The world used to be a cold cruel place – think on the actions of the three fellowcraft in our ritual.  God changed the game when He introduced His boundless and unquantifiable love into our world.  We still see this today in the works of Brethren who constantly give of themselves through time, money and talents to improve the world and make it better for all.  Even the pandemic hasn’t been able to stop these efforts.  Our world is truly a more loving place than it used to be and masons play their part in this.  Keep it up Brethren in 2022 and beyond and may love come down to your Christmas.
Merry Christmas,
Brother Rev. Robert Craig