Forrest Niven was born in Bellshill, Lanarkshire on the 23rd April 1862 died on the 4th January 1932 in Glasgow.

His parents were William Niven, Engine Driver, and Sarah Brown. His father was killed, when Forrest was 3 years, as a result of a railroad accident at Lockerbie. William died a few hours later in Carlisle.

Forrest married Jane Nelson in Stranraer in 1887 and had 9 children, 5 girls and 4 boys. One of the girls, Margaret, was the mother of Dirk Bogard, actor and writer (real name - Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerd)

dirk bogarde

Forrest Niven lived in Glasgow, Scotland.  Forrest Niven is known for Luminous water scene and landscape painting, illustration, actor.

Forrest had many pieces of art that include Away to the west. Last Sold at auction in 2012.

forrest niven away to the west

River Kelvin Sold at McTears in 2013

forrest niven River Kelvin

Walking Home

forrest niven walking home

Danure Beach

forrest niven Dunure

And Another of the Kelvin

forrest niven stream

His Art pieces are still being sold as recently as 2013.

In 1899 he published his one and only book. Capers at the camp.

He died on the 4th January 1932 in the Eastern District Hospital, Glasgow. Duke Street Hospital that most of us know it.

Forrest niven duke st

Forrest Niven was a Master Mason of Lodge Dramatic No.571

Forrest Niven 5712

Initiated 12th March 1891

Passed 23rd March 1891

Raised 26th March 1891

Forrest Niven 5711

Affiliate Lodge Scotia No.178

Forrest Niven