David Willox PM 128

David Willox, Past Master, Lodge Shettleston Saint John, No.128

David Willox was born on the 3rd June 1845 to parents David and Isabella (nee Dunn) Willox. David Jnr. was brought up at Edinburgh Road (Now Old Shettleston Road).

shettleston rd

David was 1 of 5 siblings 3 brothers Alex, James and Robert with 1 sister named Ann.

David was an Iron Puddler to trade. Puddling was an improved process to convert pig iron into wrought iron with the use of a reverberatory furnace.

 iron puddling

David married Janet Lavery on 29th December 1871, they went on to have 5 children, Jeanie, David Jnr, James, Charles, and Alexander.

After the sudden death of Janet in 1909, David remarried in 1911 to spinster Mary McCallum, it is stated then that he was a manufacturing chemist residing at 97 Dalmarnock St.

David willox poems and sketches

In 1903 David had his book Poems and Sketches published. This can still be bought to this present day on Amazon and other book outlets. Here is an extract from the book.

The following lines were suggested at the laying of the foundation stone of Glasgow Bridge (with masonic honours) on October 8th 1896, by Brother Sir James Bell, Hon. Lord Provost of Glasgow, assisted by the Provincial Grand Master Brother John Graham of Broadstone J.P., C.A., and other Office-bearers and members of Provincial Grand Lodge. There was also a very large turnout from various lodges.

glasgow bridge now

Ye craftsmen a’, wha deftly draw

Wi compasses an’ pencil

Attend to-day, in grand array,

Wi’ banners trimmed wi’ tinsel.

Oor Provost, Brither Jamie Bell

Weel worthy o’ his title.

Has wark in haun’ for square an’ mell

He means this day tae settle.

Be’t wet or dry.

Historical and Biographical sketches David Willox 128

David was Initiated into Lodge Shettleston Saint John No.128 in February 1868. For a few years after his initiation he frequented the Lodge occasionally. It wasn’t until he was pressed into the office of Lodge Secretary that he then became more regular and it is said he never missed a meeting in 30 years. He became Master of the Lodge in 1891 and served the brethren for 3 years. He published a book called Historical and Biographical Sketches, the History of Lodge Shettleston Saint John No.128. This can be viewed in the Provincial Grand Lodge office in the library.

history 128

David Willox, Manufacturing Chemist, married first to Janet Lavery and second to Mary McCallum died at 4.00am on 17 December 1927 aged 82 years, usual residence, 401 Tollcross Road, Parkhead, from Cardiac Valvular Disease and Arteriosclerosis.

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