Malcolm Campbell was born in Kilwinning 1848

Sir Malcolm Campbell

Married to Euphemia McKechnie Campbell, they had 2 Children Donald and Malcolm, Euphemia passed away in 1912, Donald passed in 1923 and Malcolm passed in 1936 a year after his father. Sir Malcolm Campbell died on the 3rd September 1935 aged 87, he is buried in Glasgow Necropolis.

Sir Malcolm Campbell Grave

In 1864 a young 16 year old Malcolm Campbell began working for Greengrocer Mark Walker in his fruit shop, when Walker decided to retire in 1878, Campbell purchased the business and began trading under his own name.

Over the next 25 years Malcolm Campbell expanded the business opening over 70 new stores across Scotland selling fruit and vegetables as well as flowers and Chocolate. In 1899 the business became a limited company. Most of the shops were in the vicinity of a train station.

Sir Malcolm Campbell Gordon st shop

The Gordon Street shop staff mainly stood outside as most of their business was selling the punnets of Strawberry’s that were piled high outside the front door as well as the advertisement for the fresh tomatoes that were grown in the firm’s own nurseries.

Sir malcolm campbell shop

Not satisfied with growing his own fruit and veg in the nurseries Campbell started to import some exotic fruits such as different types of Melons and Grapes, In the 1880’s he displayed a banana tree In the Gordon Street shop, This was the first time a banana had been introduced to the country. So a Glasgow Freemason was responsible for introducing the banana into Scotland.

Sir Malcolm Campbell banana tree

Post war Malcolm took an interest in Civic affairs, becoming a Baillie, City Treasurer and a Justice of the Peace. He was Knighted 1922 by King George V.

Sir Malcom Campbell 753 1

Sir Malcolm Campbell, Master Mason Lodge Montefiore No.753

Initiated 5th June 1893

Passed 31st July 1893

Raised 6th November 1893

Installed as Master of the Lodge on Monday 21st December 1903

Sir Malcolm Campbell 753 2