Harry Lonsdale

Henry Gittus Lonsdale was born on the 6th December 1862 in Worcester, England. A British born stage and silent film actor. He married Alice Lonnon who was a stage actress in 1899 and would divorce in 1906.

Harry Lonsdale Alice Lonnon

Harry started his acting career in silent movies his 1st being Bess of the forest in 1911, this would propel him into the limelight as he would go onto star in 22 short and silent films the following year.

Harry Lonsdale TOMMYS ATONEMENT 1913

In 1913 again he would be in high demand. He was cast in 25 films including Rebecca the Jewess, The Pendulum of fate, Father’s Day and The Adventures of a watch or Time flies and comes back.

Harry Lonsdale Rebecca the jewess

Harry must be doing something right starring in his previous films as in 1914 he was cast In 35 roles. Which is just under 3 films a month but it wouldn’t stop there 16 films in 1915 and 21 in 1916.

By 1917 Harry was 55 years old and started to slow down a bit as he only starred in 5 films, In 1918, 3 films, casted 6 times in 1919 and twice in 1920.

Harry would eventually finish his career in 1925 with his final film Her Husband’s secret.

harry lonsdale 1

Harry would pass away on the 8th February 1939 in Los Angeles, California after being involved in a car accident.

Harry Lonsdale 219 1

Harry Lonsdale Master Mason The Glasgow Star Lodge No.219
Initiated 14th Feb 1908
Passed 28th February 1908
Raised 14th March 1908

Harry Lonsdale 219 2