Born in Neilston in 1837 James Marquis Chisholm to parents Daniel Chisholm and Marjory Chisholm (nee McLintock), James had 4 brothers and 1 sister. James was Married to Jessie Chisholm (nee Thomson Wallace) they had 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls.

James Marquis Chisholm 2

A self taught pianist it is said that James worked in a cotton factory and then was registered as a teacher of music while living at 294 Buchanan Street.

In 1858 he played at the opening of Rothesay Town Hall, He spent many a weekend on the Island of Bute playing in the Town hall and hotels.

James Marquis Chisholm Rothesay Town Hall and Courthouse

Chisholm travelled the world for 3 years performing with Amelia Bailey in Australia, China and Japan 1862-1865, when Chisholm returned from China he was accompanied by Chang the Chinese Giant and a pretty young lady who was supposed to be Chang’s wife, he would become Chang’s Agent and he would promote him all over the United Kingdom also acting as a pianist and interpreter.

James Marquis Chisholm Chang The Chinese Giant with Chisholm in the background

In 1865 he published a book entitled “Adventures of a travelling musician” he also composed the tune to “The battle of Stirling” by which he is best remembered.
The song was written by William Sinclair to a marching tune by Marquis Chisholm. Remastered by James Horner and used in the film Braveheart

Battle of Stirling

To Scotland's ancient realm,
Proud Edward's armies came;
To sap our freedom and overwhelm
Our martial forces in shame.
"It shall not be" brave Wallace cried!
"It shall not be" his chiefs relied!
By the name our fathers gave her,
Our steel shall drink the crimson stream,
We'll all her dearest right redeem,
Our own broadswords shall save her.
With hopes of triumph flush'd,
The squadrons hurried o'er
Thy Bridge Kildean, and heaving rush'd
Like wild waves to the shore.
"They come, they come" was the gallant cry,
"They come, they come" was the loud reply.
O strength thou gracious giver,
By love and freedoms stainless faith,
We'll dare the darkest night of death,
We'll drive them back forever.
All o'er the waving broom,
In chivalry and grace,
Shone England's radiant spear and plume
By Stirling's rocky base.
And stretching far beneath the view,
Proud Cressingham, thy banners flew.
When like a torrent rushing,
O God! from right and left the flame,
Of Scottish swords like lightning came,
Great Edward's legions crushing.
High praise, ye gallant band,
Who in the face of day,
With daring hearts and fearless hands
Have cast your chains away.
The foemen fell on ev'ry side,
In crimson hues the Forth was dyed.
Bedew'd with blood the heather,
While cries triumphant shook the air,
Thus shall we do, shall we dare,
Wherever Scotsmen gather.

James died in Toronto, Canada in December 1877 aged 40yrs old.

James Marquis Chisholm 27

James Marquis Chisholm Master Mason The Lodge of Glasgow Saint Mungo No.27

Initiated May 18th 1866

Passed July 2nd 1866

Raised July 2nd 1866

James Marquis Chisholm 27 2