Morris D Waxman

Morris Waxman was born in Lodz, Poland in August 1874. At the age of 15 he travelled to London with his parents, his father occupying a post as Cantor in the Blashke Synagogue in London. His Grandfather Rabbi Jacob Waxman was Rabbi of Blashke. His Sister Fanny and brother Hersh Yosef was also well known performers of Yiddish parts in London.

Morris D Waxman New Yiddish theatre

In London he and his sister joined the choir of Yiddish Theatre, As a boy he had already played parts in amateur Yiddish Theatricals. He toured for sometime before returning to London. In 1896 he played with Kessler, Feinman, Magulesco and other famous actors.

Waxman founded the London Yiddish Theatre at the Pavilion. Whitechapel.(named after Joseph Kessler a Jewish Actor who had just passed away) After making a name for himself he went on to play with Jacob Adler in New York, also touring The Argentine and Eastern Europe.

Morris D Waxman Pavilion

He played London many times. He played the Rabbi Israel in the “Dybbuk” after playing a season at the Pavilion. Hi Iago to the Othello of Mr.Fyneman is particularly remembered as is Shylock in the Yiddish version of “The Merchant of Venice.”

Morris D Waxman the merchant of venice

In 1920 he appeared at the Court Theatre in an English Play “ The Priest and the Jew”

Morris Collapsed and died on the 2nd November 1931 while out walking in Los Angeles. Aged 57. He is buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery, Commerce, Los Angeles County.

Morris D Waxman Grave

Morris Waxman 753 1


Morris D Waxman Master Mason Lodge Montefiore No.753

Initiated 1st October 1900

Passed 19th November 1900

Raised 7th January 1901

Morris Waxman 753 2