Born on the 1st January 1903 in the Gorbals Glasgow Meyer Galpern was the son of Jewish immigrants from Russia. The son of Morris Galpern a cabinet maker, and Anna Talisman.

Myer Galpern 753

Galpern started work as a house furnisher before graduating from Glasgow University. Moving into politics Myer stood as an Independent Labour councillor for the Shettleston and Tollcross ward on the Glasgow Corporation and was elected from 1932 to 1947. He was then re-elected as councillor for Shettleston and Tollcross in 1949.

Myer Galpern 753 Lord Provost

Myer served as convener of the education committee (1954-1958), before being appointed as leader of the Labour group and leader of the city’s administration. He served as Lord Provost of Glasgow from 1958-1960 (first Jewish provost in Scotland),

As Lord Provost Myer opened a disaster fund for fireman and widows after the Cheapside fire disaster. He also inaugurated the modernised Provan Gas works. Myer stepped down a year early as he became Member of Parliament for Glasgow Shettleston in 1959. His last duty as Lord Provost was to welcome Cliff Richard to Glasgow.

Myer Galpern 753 Cliff Richard

On the 12th February 1960 Myer Galpern received a Knighthood. He was Knighted by the Duke of Edinburgh.

Extract from the London Gazette

12th February 1960. His (Royal Highness, THE PRINCE PHILIP DUKE OF EDINBURGH, K.G., K.T., G.'B.E., acting on behalf of Her Majesty by authority of Letters Patent under the Great Seal dated 25th January 1960, conferred the honour of Knighthood upon the undermentioned gentlemen at .Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, the 9th instant: Myer Galpern, Esq., J.'P., M.P.

Myer Galpern 753 KBE

Galpern became the Member of Parliament for Glasgow Shettleston from 1959 until 1979, During his final 5 years as a MP he held the office of Deputy Speaker of the House from 1974-79. In his role of Deputy Speaker he had to suspend the proceedings of the house when Michael Heseltine seized the mace in 1976.

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In his final year as a MP he was awarded a peerage and he continued his political career in the House of Lords. Baron Galpern of Shettleston in the district of the city of Glasgow.

Extract from the London Gazette

10th July 1979 The QUEEN has been pleased by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the 'Realm, bearing date the afternoon of the 10th day of July 1979, to confer the dignity of a Barony of the United Kingdom for life upon Sir Myer Galpern, by the name style and title of Baron Galpern of Shettleston in the District of the City of Glasgow.

He died on the 23rd September 1993.

Sir Myer Galpern, Master Mason Lodge Montefiore No.753

Sir Myer Galpern 753 1

Initiated 2nd September 1958

Passed 16th October 1958

Raised 12th November 1958

Mark Ceremonial 18th February 1959

Sir Myer Galpern 753 2