Born on November 22, 1880 in Greenhithe, Kent, England as Francis Charles Owen Wheatley. 

Frank Wheatley

It has been very difficult to find information on Frank in the early years. I imagine that the 2 great wars may have something to do with it. It wasn't till the early 60's that he was mainly involved in television.

In early 1963 Frank landed a part in the television series "Ghost squad" Frank played the part of Giovanni in the second series of the show. He started in episode 15 called "Mr Five Percent"
Frank was cast in the ITV Television Drama "Playhouse" playing the part of the pensioner alongside a very young Richard O'Sullivan.
Frank Wheatley Richard OSullivan
Frank was also involved with the television series Festival, working alongside a young Judi Dench and Peter Sallis amongst others
Frank Wheatley Dame Judi Dench
On the 23rd November 1963, Frank was cast in a new television series. Originally this series would last only 4 weeks until 14th December, Playing the role of a cave man in the very first episode of "An Unearthly Child" The television series was called Dr Who.
Frank Wheatley tribesman
2 years later Frank was back for the 2nd series of Dr Who, this time he played a man in the market in "The Romans" This would be Franks last appearance on television.
Frank Wheatley Market
Frank Wheatley would pass away on the 26th August 1965 in Hampton Wick, Surrey England
Francis Charles Owen Wheatley, Master Mason Lodge Dramatic No.571Francis Wheatley 571
Initiated 17th October 1912
Passed 31st October 1912
Raised 21st November 1912
Mark Ceremonial 30th November 1922
Francis Wheatley 5712