Richard Saxton White was born in Southampton on June 15th 1847, son of Captain Richard White of the Royal Navy and the P&O Line. Educated privately and a Southampton College. After serving his apprenticeship with Day, Summers and Co of Southampton he was then associated with W. Denny and Brothers as a draughtsman, and subsequently with Robert Napier and sons in Glasgow.

Richard Saxton White Campania ship launch

In 1875 he was appointed manager of Barrow Shipbuilding Company, in this position of manager he was also designed and constructed large steamers which included The SS City of Rome.
Richard Saxton White City of Rome ship
In 1883 Richard became the manager of Walker shipyard in Newcastle where he was involved with the development and construction of bulk petroleum vessels, as well as other passenger, ice breakers and general trade vessels. 
Richard Saxton White Campania
Richard moved back to Glasgow with the appointment of manager and director of the Fairfield Shipbuilding and engineering company, Richard at the time worked under Sir William Pearce. Here he designed the Cunard Campania and Luciana and other cross-channel vessels.
Mr Richard Saxton White, the latest general manager of fairfield shipbuilding yard, is about to take a trip to the United States as a guest of Cunard. He is to make his voyage across the Atlantic on the Luciana one of the noble ships which he was largely concerned in designing and building as his last piece of work for the Fairfield company.
Richard Saxton White Luciana poster
In 1896 Colonel White returned to the Walker shipyard as general manager and local director, where under his direction many unique designs were developed and important, vessels constructed. On the amalgamation of the Armstrong and Walker shipyards in 1919 he was appointed consultative general manager, which position he held up to his retirement in December, 1920.
Elected a member of the Institute of Metals on May 12, 1911. Colonel White was also a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Institution of Naval Architects (of which he was a Vice-President), the Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland, and the North-East Coast Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders, of which he was a Past-President. He was a member of the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights, and a Freeman of the City of London. Colonel White served on the Commission appointed by the Home Office for the consideration of the Census of Production question. For many years he took an active interest in the Volunteer and Territorial Forces, serving in all ranks. In 1920 Colonel Richard Saxton White was President of the North east coast of institutional engineers and shipbuilders
Richard married Agnes McKechnie at Afton Cottage on the 4th October 1876. The couple had 1 son and 2 daughters.
Richard Saxton White died on August 13th 1922 at home. Culverdene, Westcliff Road, Bournmouth. His estimated worth at his death was £59.000
Colonel Richard Saxton White, Lodge Pollok No.772
 R Saxton White 772