Bruno Oskar Bielefeld was born on the 18th May 1879 in the district of Prussian, Holland. Bruno married Gertrude (nee Elfriede) in Berlin on the 16th July 1907, they divorced in 1925. He remarried on the 11th December 1926 in Berlin to Therese (nee Coltzau), they divorced in 1941.

Bruno Bielefeld Kunstgewerbemuseum

Bruno was trained at the teaching institute of the Kunstgewerbemuseum and at the art and trade school in Gdansk. He then went on study trips to Italy, France, Scotland, North America and finally England. He founded the Empire Art Company in Liverpool.

Bruno Bielefeld Empire Art Theatre Liverpool

Bruno returned and settled in Berlin in 1912, he specialised in depictions of Old Berlin, mainly the old historic districts of Berlin. Most of Bruno’s work was destroyed during the war, although there are a few of his paintings still around.

Bruno Bielefeld Art 27

The Markisches Museum in Berlin have 4 pieces of his work and The German Museum in Munich have 2 pieces.

Bruno Bielefeld Art 1 27

Bruno Oskar Bielefeld died in Berlin on the 18th December 1973.

bruno bielefield 27

Bruno Bielefeld Master Mason, The Lodge of Glasgow Saint Mungo No.27

Initiated 18th February 1905

Passed 7th April 1905

Raised 21st April 1905

bruno bielefield 27 2

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