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Arthur Spink was born and brought up in Dundee and was one of the most inspirational and respect accordion players of the 1960’s and 70’s era. Married to Ray he would go on to have Sons Arthur jr and Steven.

Arthur Spink NCO

He went through the conventional stage of competing in the National Accordion Organisation competitions during the 1950’s. It wasn’t until the 1960’s before embarking on a career as a professional solo accordion entertainer.

Arthur Spink Flying Scotsman

Arthur went on to release 4 albums in the 1960’s, the first being Accordionly yours in 1965, followed by Hielan’ Laddie, Scotland’s Greatest and The Flying Scotsman. It was also around the same time that he went on a tour of the Unites States of America and Canada. One of his proudest moments was playing Carnegie Hall in New York.

Arthiur Spinks Carnegie Hall

Moving into the 1970’s Arthur would continue to release albums Dancing Fingers in 1970, Arthur Spink’s Hogmanay in 1971, The Scottish Accordion World in 1972 and his final album Continental Accordion in 1973. It was also during this time that he would tour Australia, this would change his life as in 1979 he would emigrate to Sydney and leave the music business behind.

Arthur Spink 571

Arthur died on September 7th 2017 and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Sydney. He was aged 74 years.

Arthur Spink. Master Mason, Lodge Dramatic No.571

Arthur Spink 571 2

Initiated 11th June 1964

Passed 14th January 1965

Raised 28TH January 1965

Mark Ceremonial 27th May 1965

Arthur Spink 5712