John G Walker 14/10/1944 - 15/11/2020

John Walker 1983 4

John Walker was born in Haddow House, Aberdeenshire, on the above date.

He served his apprenticeship as a printer, eventually becoming a Rotary Press manager, joining the Scottish
Daily Express in the late 60's.

He joined Lodge Possilpark No 1330, and affiliated to Lodge Dramatic on the 8th June, 1972,
the same day I was initiated.

He went through the "offices" in the Lodge, and would have been in Master earlier, had
it not been for the closure of the Scottish Daily Express in 1974.

He eventually became Master in December, 1983.

John took over the office of Treasurer, and served for over 30 years,
and being a Life Member of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow he became a member
of the Board of Examiners, a small group who check all books, and accounts.

He was awarded the Honorary Grand Rank of Bible Bearer for his services
to the Lodge and the PGL of Glasgow. The picture shows him being congratulated
by Bro Kenny Sheridan, RWM.

His funeral will take place on Friday 20th November 2020 at Maryhill Crematorium.

Provincial Grand Lodge send condolences to the family and Lodge Possilpark No.1330 and Lodge Dramatic No.571

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