On Tuesday 17 December 2019, Substitute Provincial Grand Master, Brother Richard Anderson, attended at the Annual Installation of Lodge St. John No. 3 bis. 

3bis PGL

He was accompanied by Brother Charles Winston, Provincial Grand Benevolent and Annuity Fund Treasurer and Brother Tony Stewart, who is a member of the Board of Stewards.

3bis master im

The Provincial Deputation witnessed Brother David Jack being Installed as Master of the Lodge for a third term by his Installing Masters, Brother Cameron Rennie and Brother Alistair McDonald who are both Past Masters of the Lodge.

3bis master wardens

3bis sub master

After an enjoyable ceremony, the Provincial Deputation retired and spent some time in harmony with the Brethren of the Lodge and their visitors. 

Congratulations are extended to Brother Jack on being Installed as Master and we wish him and the members of the Lodge well for the year ahead.