On Wednesday 28 November 2018, Substitute Provincial Grand Master, Brother Allan Jenkins, was out and about on Provincial Duties. This time the occasion was the Annual Installation of Lodge Clydesdale, No 556


Brother Jenkins was accompanied by Brother Bill Daly, Provincial Grand Marshal, and Brothers Alan Frame and Kenneth Naismith (not pictured) who are both members of the Board of Stewards.  

The Provincial Deputation witnessed Brother Thomas D. Loftus being installed as Master of the Lodge. The Installing Masters were Brother Edward Thompson Dunlop, Immediate Past Master of Lodge Dalry Blair, No. 290 and Brother James Gordon Hamilton PM, Lodge Clydesdale, No. 556

After the ceremony the Deputation were treated to some fine hospitality by the Master and Brethren of Lodge Clydesdale.  They thoroughly enjoyed the evening and our congratulations are extended to Brother Loftus and his Brethren.

 Baton 1

Baton 2

The Provincial Grand Marshal’s Baton is made from the Wallace Oak, Elderslie and was presented to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow in 1867 by the then Provincial Grand Master, Brother Captain Archibald Alexander Speirs, 4th of Elderslie, D.L. M.P. 

Master Mason The Prince of Wales Lodge No 259 (English Constitution), Master Mason The Lodge of Edinburgh(Mary's Chapel) No 1 and Honorary Member(Affiliate) The Lodge of Glasgow St Mungo No 27. He was also Junior Grand Warden in The United Grand Lodge of England 1867-1868, Member of Parliament for Renfrewshire 1865-1868, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Renfrewshire and commissioned in the Scots Fusilier Guards.

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