On Friday 7th December 2018, Substitute Provincial Grand Master, Brother Gavin Stewart attended at Lodge Knightswood, No. 1445 on the occasion of their Annual Installation. 

1445 sub and master

The Substitute Provincial Grand Master witnessed Brother George B. C. Monteith being installed as Master of the Lodge.  The Installing Masters were Brother John G. Williamson, a Past Master of Lodge Knightswood and Brother Stephen Urie, a Past Master of Lodge St. George, Glasgow, No. 333. 

1445 Master and IM

There were a good number of Reigning Masters present to support Brother Monteith.  Brother Charles Love, Master of Lodge St. George, Glasgow, No. 333, Brother Daniel McGinley, Master of Lodge Tower, No. 1523, Brother John Mortimer, Master of Lodge Thistle and Rose, No. 73, Brother Gordon Edminston, Master of Lodge Western, No. 1346 and Brother Alan Cuthill, Master of Partick St. Mary's Lodge No. 117 were all in attendance. 

1445 masters

After a fine ceremony a most enjoyable harmony was held. We would like to extend our congratulations to Brother Monteith and his Brethren. 

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