Lodge Toryglen No.1561 Visitors from France

On Friday 5th April Substitute Provincial Grand Master James McMillan accompanied by Substitute Provincial Grand Master William Newlands and Malcolm Murray Steward attended Lodge Toryglen No.1561.

toryglen french visitors

Lodge Toryglen had the honour of being joined by 10 Brethren from France, specifically from Lodges within the Province of Septimanie as follows:

Lodge Nemausus No. 928; Lodge Le Vraye Humanitè No. 1546; and Lodge Gui de Montpellier No. 1314.

Substitute Provincial Grand Master James McMillan warmly welcomed the brethren from France into the Lodge and more in particular the Province of Glasgow.

Lodge Toryglen Past Masters and office bearers conferred an exemplification of a FC degree at the request of our guests with only 10 minutes notice for preparation and all participants are to be highly commended, as is Lodge Toryglen honorary member Bro. William Team Past Master of The St.John's Operative Lodge Rutherglen No. 347 for most generously stepping in as the candidate for the evening.

A very enjoyable Lodge Toryglen harmony followed with our esteemed guests treated to a Haggis supper and whistle stop tour of the Masters malt whisky stocks. A personal thanks from the Master Craig Campbell was extended to all who attended and made our visitors feel most welcome, kept their stomachs and glasses full and took the time to make sure they all got back into Glasgow for their onward journey.

Photograph courteous of Thomas Herd, Master of The St. John's Operative Lodge No.347