At the  Regular Communication of Provincial Grand Lodge in June 2018  the Provincial Grand Master Bro. James Peddie announced that we would be embarking on a Lodge Liaison Scheme.

The idea is to arrange meetings with four or five lodges at a time. These will be entirely informal and provide an opportunity for lodges to talk to us about the challenges which they are facing and also hopefully aspects of running  lodges which are proving successful.

It is also an opportunity to listen to other lodges which will be present. Many of the challenges faced by your lodge will also be faced by other lodges, some of which may have adopted a different approach. Lodges may pick up on good ideas which they can then put into practice.

In short it is hoped that by discussing matters in general, and  sharing information in an informal environment, then ideas can be freely exchanged, resulting in lodges being able to help each other, and information being picked up by Provincial which enables us to be a more effective resource to the daughter lodges within the Province.

To get the discussion started and to provide some structure to the session,  a questionnaire will be sent out to lodges in advance.

To date we have met with around twenty lodges from the Province and it is hoped to complete the process by the end of the summer. If therefor your lodge has not yet received an invitation, it will do so shortly, and I would encourage you to participate. Those lodges which have participated to date have found the exercise useful and have taken something away from the session.

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